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Město Jaroměř

Museum of Magic

The Museum of Magic – Michal Silorad Patrčka’s Magic Lodge bears the name of a writer, teacher, magician and inventor. M. S. Patrčka is regarded as a patron of Czech magicians.

In 2007 there was a commemoration celebration 220 years after M. S. Patrčka’s birth, during which the park near the church was renamed Michal Silorád Patrčka Park.

The Museum of Magic in Jaroměř was founded by the then Grand Master of the Magic Lodge, Jaroslav Zach, whose name is inseparably connected with the museum. In 2015 the members of the Magic Lodge put a plaque in the museum dedicated to Jaroslav Zach.

In the museum you can see a collection of magicians’ artefacts, admire the art of the magicians who are currently members of the Magic Lodge, or walk through the labyrinth and ring a magic bell that will fulfil your wishes.

Museum of magicMuseum of Magic