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Město Jaroměř

St. Nicolas Church

St. Nicolas Church

was built in the period of late Jagellonian gothic style and it features a baroque altar made by Martin Krupka and a crypt with the mummies of Jaroměř burghers. Next to the church there is a bell tower with a gate, through which the “Polish Road” led in the Middle Ages.

Throughout the centuries the church has gone through several fires. In 1548 the southern tower, which was situated where the job centre is now, burnt down. The northern one, which was a watchtower standing near the second supporting column (second from the bell tower), collapsed 1753.

In 1904 the church was restored by architect Čermák according to the plans of architect Josef Mocker. In 1906–1909 architect Kamil Hilbert contributed to the repair work and the church was also painted. In 1928 the crypt was repaired and cleaned.

The church belongs among the most important church buildings of the High Czech Gothic and it used to be part of the fortification.


The church is open to the public during different events, such as The Church Night, European Heritage Days, etc. The church can also be visited outside these events by appointment made at the Tourist Information Centre in Jaroměř.

St. Nicolas ChurchSt. Nicolas ChurchSt. Nicolas ChurchSt. Nicolas ChurchSt. Nicolas Church


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