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Ascension Church in Josefov

Ascension Church in Josefov

is a one-nave Empire building from 1805–1811 and its tower can be seen from far away.

At the beginning of 1805 Emperor Francis II consented to a large temple being built and put aside the necessary funds out of his own cash box. On 22 April 1805 the foundation stone of the church was laid ceremonially, with cannons being fired, in the place of the future high altar. Before that the outline of the church was marked by the soldiers of a sappers unit. The foundation stone was consecrated by Bishop Trautmannsdorff assisted by the priests from the vicinity, the army general Count of Kolowrat, corps of generals and officers.

The foundation stone contains a treasure consisting of 20 coins, three of which are gold, eleven silver and six copper. Two of them are commemorative while the other ones are usual coins. The oldest of them are a ducat from 1758 and a guilder from 1759. The other coins are from the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century.

Ascension Church in JosefovAscension Church in Josefov


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