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Město Jaroměř


Josef HoráčekThe Mayor

Josef Horáček

Born on 22 January 1974 in Jaroměř where he has been living all his life. After completing the elementary school at Ostrov in Jaroměř, he studied the Jan Žižka z Trocnova Military High School in Prague. Before starting his service in the army he shortly worked for a building company and almost immediately after returning from the military service in 2003 he started working for the Police of the Czech Republic where he accomplished his second high school graduation, from the Police High School. Since 1998 he worked at the 2nd Criminal Police and Investigation Department of the East Bohemian Region (later the Hradec Králové Region). In 2008 he applied for an open bid for the position of the director of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Jaroměř and was successful. Since 1 March 2008 he remained in this position until being elected the mayor of Jaroměř. He got married in 1995 and has three children.

His greatest passion is theatre. Since 2001 he has been a member of the local amateur theatre society Vrchlický. He also enjoys sports and fishing.

Since 2012 he has been a member of the Municipal Council, since 2014 a member of the Municipal Executive. Since 2010 he served as the vice-chairman of the Order and Security Committee, since 2014 as its chairman. Between 2008 and 2014 he was a member of the Cultural Committee of the Municipal Executive.

The rights and obligations of the mayor

The mayor’s rights and obligations are specified in Act no. 128/2000 Coll.

Section 103

The mayor represents the town in public.
The mayor and deputy mayor(s) are elected by the municipal board out of their own ranks. The mayor and deputy mayor must be citizens of the Czech Republic. They are liable to the municipal board for discharging their duties.
With the consent of the Regional Office Director, the mayor appoints and dismisses the municipal office’s secretary in compliance with a special law 32a) and determines their pay according to special regulations; 33) the secretary’s appointment is null and void without the consent of the Regional Office Director.

The Mayor

  • performs the tasks given to them by the employer pursuant to special regulations, terminates employment of the town’s employees and determines their pay according to special regulations, 33) if the town does not have a secretary; the head of department appoints and dismisses them and determines their pay only if the town council has not been established.
  • after discussing it with the regional Office Director may entrust the committee with transferred authority in certain matters
  • may request Czech Republic Police to assist him in securing local matters of order
  • is responsible for informing the public about the town’s activities
  • ensures the performance of transferred authority in such towns that do not have a town secretary
  • decides about the matters of the town’s independent authority entrusted to him by the town council
  • discharges other duties specified by this act and by special acts
  • performs similar tasks to those of the employer’s statutory body according to special legal regulations in relation to the other board members and to the town secretary.

The mayor summons and usually chairs the meetings of the municipal board and council; signs, along with verifiers, the minutes of the municipal board’s meetings and the minutes of the town council meetings.  
If the mayor is removed from office or resigns and if a new mayor is not elected, the mayor’s scope of authority is performed by the deputy mayor who has been asked to do so by the municipal board (section 104 [1]) until a new mayor is elected. If the municipal board does not appoint a deputy mayor to deputise the mayor or if such a deputy mayor has been removed from office or resigned along with the mayor, the municipal board shall entrust a board member with the mayor’s authorities.


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