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Město Jaroměř


Statistic data

Population: 12,408 (as of 1 January 2016)
Area: 2,395 ha
Altitude: 254 above sea level

An invitation to Jaroměř 

Come and get to know and fall in love with Jaroměř, a town of gardens and parks at the confluence of three rivers, which used to be a royal dowry town, and the Emperor’s fortress in Josefov. It’s a place whose monuments and cultural traditions invite you to visit it. It is situated in the Hradec Králové Region, 120 kilometres northeast of Prague. Its advantageous location has made it a traffic and railway junction. A motorway is being built and there is also an airport.

Important sights

The current centre of the town has been permanently inhabited for a thousand years. At the beginning of the 11th century, the Přemyslid Prince Jaromír founded a fortified settlement here and named it Jaroměř. The oldest written reference to Jaroměř comes from 1126. The royal town was established under the rule of Přemysl Otakar. 

The most important sight of Jaroměř is the gothic Saint Nicolas Church with its richly decorated high altar. All that remains of the town’s medieval fortification is a gate with a bell tower. The historical square with arcades is dominated by a Marian column from 1723–1727, created by the famous M. B. Braun. The town’s park offers pleasant places for sitting down.  Jaroměř also prides itself on its impressive public buildings, especially schools, built at the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th century. Among the eminent treasures of modern Czech architecture belongs the Wenke house built in 1911 according to J. Gočár’s design. It now hosts the Municipal Museum and Gallery.

Since 1948 part of Jaroměř is the former fortress town of Josefov. Between 1780 and 1787 a masterpiece of European urbanism and fortification was created according to the plans of French military builders. Its greatest tourist attraction is the underground passages. The mysteriousness and romantic atmosphere of the Josefov labyrinth is intensified by wax candle lighting. Visitors are accompanied by a guide but they also take part of the tour on their own. Therefore, they personally experience the feelings of the soldiers defending the fortress against the enemy. The upper part of the fortress is lined with promenades offering shade and peace in hot summers as well as an opportunity to see the buildings that form the main and inner rampart of Josefov.
Your visit to the underground can be made even more special if you go to see the collection of stone monuments including original sculptures by M. B. Braun or the historical exhibitions at the former Josefov town hall. Fans of military history will appreciate M. Frost’s First Military History Museum.

Other interesting things in Jaroměř include the Railway Museum in a former Czech Railways engine shed with historical engines, carriages, railroad accessories and artefacts. If you get tired walking through the town you can get some energy in the swimming pool with heated water. And how about going on a sightseeing flight at the local airport, going to the theatre, skating or bowling? There are also beautiful cycling paths around Jaroměř. In the vicinity you can also visit Velichovky spa, a golf resort hotel and restaurant Nová Amerika, Kuks Hospital and Braun’s Creche.


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