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Město Jaroměř


The vicinity

It is not only Jaroměř that is worth visiting. Its vicinity also offers several interesting places with rich history.


  • The Kuks Hospital

The Kuks Hospital has the status of a cultural heritage site and it is managed by the National Monuments Office’s local East Bohemian branch in Sychrov.

This place is a little less than nine kilometres from Jaroměř. To visit it you can use a cycling path that leads from Hradec Králové through Jaroměř to Kuks.

Matthias Bernhard Braun’s magnificent works can be found everywhere in the area of the hospital. They include, for example, his elaborate sculptures of virtues and vices.


  • Braun’s Creche

Like the Kuks Hospital, Braun’s Creche is also a national heritage site. It was commissioned by Count Sporck, who asked Braun to create a pleasant place where he could relax with his guests. Without exaggeration, Braun’s Creche is a masterpiece of European baroque sculpture in the open air.


  • Česká Skalice, Rozkoš Reservoir

The eighth largest water reservoir in the Czech Republic, as far as area is concerned, features a body of water of 1,001.3 hectares. The total volume of the reservoir is 76.154 million cubic metres.

It is situated 13 kilometres from Jaroměř.


  • Dvůr Králové nad Labem ZOO

The ZOO in Dvůr Králové offers many different houses, such as The World of Birds, Water World, carnivore house, monkey house, etc. The ZOO is also popular due to its extensive safari area, where the animals can move freely and visitors can watch them from their cars or from a Safari Bus.

The ZOO is situated 16 kilometres from Jaroměř.


  • Ratibořice Chateau, Babiččino údolí (Grandmother’s Valley)

The state chateau of Ratibořice, a national heritage site protected by the National Monuments Office, is situated in Babiččino údolí, which is an attractive place for romantic walks. You can see places connected with writer Božena Němcová’s novel Grandmother: Staré bělidlo (the Old Bleachery), the weir and the sculptural group of Grandmother with the children and the dogs, Sultán and Tyrl.

Babiččino údolí is situated 16 kilometres from Jaroměř.


  • Nové Město nad Metují Chateau

The chateau is part of the town’s national heritage zone and offers many fascinating exhibitions.

The distance from Jaroměř is 19 kilometres.


  • Opočno Chateau

The tour of the chateau leads you to its Hunters Hall, Knights Hall, Oriental armoury, smoking lounge, men’s bedroom and many other rooms with historical attributes.

The distance from Jaroměř is 19 kilometres.


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