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Město Jaroměř

Deputy Mayor

Jiří KubinaThe Deputy Mayor

Jiří Kubina

Jiří Kubina was born in Prague in 1957, but has lived in Jaroměř since he was five. He first graduated from the Vocational Training School in Opatovice nad Labem, having been trained to be a mining electrician (1976), and them from the Secondary Technical School in Jičín (1979). After his army service (1981) he worked as an electrician and then as a technical inspector and head of electricity maintenance for ZAZ Jaroměř. Since 1991 he has had his own business in the area of electric supplies. In 1993 he founded REMO Elektra s.r.o. in Jaroměř, where he is currently the managing director.

His hobbies include sports and fine art.
He was elected municipal board member and town council member in 2002–2006. He is interesting in the affairs of the town. Before he was elected deputy mayor he was a member of the finance committee and property committee. 
He is not a member of a political party or organisation. He was elected municipal board member as an ANO 2011 candidate.

He has been married since 1981 and has six children.

Contact information: Jiří Kubina

The deputy mayor’s rights and obligations

The deputy mayor’s rights and obligations are specified by Act no. 128/2000 Coll.

Section 104

The mayor is substituted by the deputy mayor. The municipal board may elect more than one deputy mayor and entrust them with some tasks. The deputy mayor, who is appointed by the municipal board, substitutes the mayor during the mayor’s absence or when the mayor is not discharging hi / her duties (section 73 [3] and section 79 [1]).

The mayor and deputy mayor sign the town’s legal regulations.


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